be applied before the shampoo

the neutral henna is ideal to restore volume to fine hair. those who have hair damaged by abuse of chemical dyes hair straighteners, or neutral, can also use henna to restore their vitality.

how to use henna neutral?
it is used in the form of a mask to be applied before the shampoo

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you must first mixing the henna powder with water or rose water, using a wooden spatula.
once the henna into paste, it may be used on wet hair and brush. to ensure that the application is correctly and the virtues of henna is effective, it is advisable to divide the hair into four parts. it is better to support a brush, so that the hair with henna is perfect, roots to ends.

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each section can be wrapped in vanilla. to act on the hair, henna, put the mask should be between 30 and 60 minutes, and, if possible, the cover of charlotte. and then you just rinse and shampoo to make henna.


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