looking for a female baby doll look

step 2:
realize cornrows on each side of your hair. you must get three braids flying fuses not plated. tie on elastic profile based on your hair.
step 3:
once the hair done, you need to make a braid with it. from the nape of the neck, where the strings are plated, gather the three branches. ideal for creating a cascade of n? new nodes.

step 4:
for this stunt, go to the bars. as much as necessary in order to ensure the maintenance of your hair. once it is completed, use hairspray. Your hair will be in the morning and at night.
because your eyes tell a lot about him at all. it is an asset to make light her femininity. the council, therefore, take out your mascara and eyeliner for a deep, seductive, even a little troublemaker. follow the guide!


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