Take off the roots to gain volume

If you find your hair flat after removing your cap, here's how to give them some pep. Know already that it is advisable to dry them, head down, to take off the roots as much as possible. A method to apply also when you remove your hat. "Lower your head and, with your fingers, give root volume again, and it is also possible to slightly crimp the hair, just at the root level."
Apply a dry shampoo against fatty roots

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Finally, there are those that will display fat roots. Area where the hat (or cap) covers the head and sometimes prevents the scalp from getting a good oxygen. "During this period, opt for shampoos for oily roots and dry ends, but do not wash your hair with these specific products, use alternating milder shampoos lace wigs."

Our tip: To protect yourself from all these annoyances, it all starts with how to wear your headgear. Avoid at all costs to put it on your head. Already because it is not the ideal side style! But this also prevents your scalp from oxygenating properly, resulting in greasy hair or lack of volume.


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