crazy for the honey or caramel color shades

a small, long features.
located at the front in the manner of a fringe, the fuse cover small defects of the upper face and round oval. avoid straight fringes, which tend to increase the expression.
ripple wavy

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these loops are flexible and natural dimension to cut and dynamism in the face. to enhance your features, are the highlights of the contour of the face to the outside.

a = a great golden
crazy for the honey or caramel color shades. by providing the light to the hair, the skin dégrisent immediately. on the basis of a blonde, go for a sunset or in your government.
dark roots = a natural outcome
slightly darker than the lengths and root tips, create a sense of volume and provide a more natural color.

quick edit
use a spray texturisant roots on wet hair and dry hair head down with a flat brush. practice and highlights the curling iron to make the structure and movement of the cup.


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