Formatting your bangs

At some point, you will have to give it a shape and position it on the side of your choice. "It will avoid having to cut it on both sides and we will then cut it so that it will naturally position itself on the chosen side." Because there is no question of letting your bangs grow "stupidly". You have to go to your

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hairdresser to work on it. It will then degrade the lengths of your bangs to give it a shape and especially to prevent that this fringe-bit hides your pretty eyes, and the view at the same time.

Accessorize your bangs

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Once your bangs redefined, you will be able to easily position it on the side or fix it with a bar. "To hide it, slide your bangs underneath, fix it with a bar and put your hair over it." Another solution, the styling backwards, like hulls, to clear your forehead. "Then wrap your bangs and place it backwards.Do the good in the direction of the spike to give volume to your hull.


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